St. Patrick's Day Sale 2020: Grab-Worthy Deals On Food, Decorations, Travel, And More

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By Srishti Bhardwaj - Content Specialist Mar 16 2020 Share this blog

It’s that one of the most exciting times of the year when you can don your “Tickle My Shamrocks” tee and head out to get down on two or more bottles of Irish whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day is close at hand. Celebrated with lots of greens and lots of beers, St. Patrick’s Day is falling on 17th March this year and based on our analysis of the previous year’s St. Patrick’s Day sale, buyers can scrimp a discount of up to 60%-70% on most of the products and categories.

Best St. Patrick’s Day Deals And Specials

Albeit, St. Patrick’s Day is Irish in origin but it is caroused the most in America. The Yankees whoop the festival up with lucky decorations, green costumes, colorful parades and wild pub-parties with free-flowing Irish whiskey and beers. With Americans going all out for this occasion, the retailers don’t stay far behind and roll out fantastic sales and huge bargains for us to score. We have rounded up a list of the top St. Patrick’s Day specials, deals, and sale that can go live pretty soon. Take a look, grab the most out of them and cheers to you!

St.Patrick’s Day Retail Special

  • Amazon: Now score great bargains on green everything for the e-tailer giant, Amazon, is providing a hulking discount of up to 90% on a wide array of categories on the occasion of St. Paddy’s Day. From clothing to accessories, buyers can snag great deals on a humongous variety of products.

  • Kohl’s: Come St. Patrick’s Day, rock the shamrocks as the Irish do for e-tailer mammoth, Kohl’s is extending a hulking discount of up to 60% on a wide range of categories. 

Take a look below:                            

Discount Amount
Save up to 50%
Home Decor
Avail a discount of up to 60%
Get a discount of up to 45%
Save up to 50%

  • Walmart: Usher in the festive feels of St. Patrick’s Day with Walmart as the store is providing markdowns of up to 30% on a diverse range of categories including party supplies, accessories, home decor, apparel and more.

  • Hobby Lobby: With Hobby Lobby, buyers can now snag pots of gold and decor for the retailer is a bucket full of discounts on a wide range of categories. 

Take a look!                     


Discount Amount

Apparel And Accessories
Avail a discount of up to 30%
Craft Supplies
Save up to 35%
Home Decoration Items
Get up to 30% off
Kitchen And Dining
Save up to 40%

  • JCPenney: Accentuate your holiday savings with JCPenney as the department store giant is offering an extra discount of 25% on purchases worth $100 or above and an extra discount of 20% on purchases under $100 under St. Patrick’s Day sale. Use the JCPenney coupon code MARCH234 and hoard some green (money). Also, buyers can also avail of free shipping on all their orders. The discount can be availed on a wide array of categories like:

    • Men, women and kids’ clothing
    • St.Patrick’s Day Costumes
    • Dining and entertaining supplies
    • Jewelry 
  • Wayfair: Take a dip in the pool of greens with Wayfair as the store is extending a pile of markdowns on a diverse range of categories. Buyers can snag a discount of up to 60% on St. Patrick’s Day indoor decoration supplies and up to 30% off on outdoor decoration supplies available at the store. While you are at it, don’t forget to shop for the tableware and linens available at a whopping discount of 55% and bedding & bath products available at a discount of 20%. 

  • Jo-Ann: With other retail outlets extending huge markdowns to honor the Irish festival, can Jo-Ann be far behind. The holy grail of craft supplies if offering a herculean discount of up to 60% on St. Paddy’s Day Home Decor items. Buyers can also save up to 70% on Green-Themed Fabrics. And if you are someone who loves to cook, then you are in for some good news for the store if providing a massive discount of up to 50% on Seasonal Food Crafting materials. 

St.Patrick’s Day Food And Drinks Specials

  • Bar LouieThis St. Paddy’s Day, bottoms up with Bar Louie for the gastro bar will be providing Green Beer and Irish all around the weekend. So, head to your nearest outlet and get lucky!
  • Baskin RobbinsIndulge in the sinful taste of Mint Chip ‘n Oreo Cookies Milkshake come to St. Paddy’s Day as the ice-cream parlor is offering free samples of the famous milkshake flavor combination. A blend of two of the outlet’s most-loved flavors- Mint Chocolate Chip and Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream, the shake makes for a great minty treat. Foodies are also invited to create their own milkshake flavors by blending two of their favorite ice-creams into one lip-smacking shake. Baskin Robbins’ St. Patrick’s Day Cake could make up for another reason for the dessert junkies to celebrate the holiday. Green icing with vibrant rainbow and a pot of gold makes this treat drool-worthy.
  • Bennigan’sHonor The Irish’ with the restaurant’s special Irish-themed food and drink menus, server attire and décor. The iconic restaurant chain will also be hosting a series of events to remind guests that St. Paddy’s Day is Bennigan’s, and Bennigan’s is St. Paddy’s Day. So go ahead and enjoy the feast as the Irish do.
  • Bruegger’s BagelsTo mark the onset of the Green Holiday (St. Patrick’s Day), Bruegger’s Bagels will be providing green bagels for 4 days in a row. The company will also be offering a special holiday deal on the Big Bagel Bundle, which consists of 13 bagels in various varieties along with two tubs of cream cheese. Too delicious to resist, isn’t it?
  • California Pizza KitchenStep right into the St. Patrick’s Day’s festive feel with California Pizza Kitchen’s $5 Irish Mule. The classic recipe of a spirited sip is given an Irish-inspired twist. The price you would be paying around the holiday is just half the rate you would pay on the usual days. A fine blend of Jameson Irish whiskey, ginger beer, lime, and fresh ginger will make you forgo the traditional vodka. 
  • Chili’sTo celebrate the St. Paddy’s Day, Chili’s is serving $5 Lucky Margaritas all month long. A fine mix of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Lunazul Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec and fresh sour will help you groove to the festive beats.
  • Dairy QueenCome St. Patrick’s Day, Dairy Queen is treating everyone with “Buy One Get One Blizzard Treat” available for just 99 cents. The deal can be availed by everyone who has a sweet tooth from 6th March to 17th March. For those who prefer dessert before and after the main course, head to Dairy Queen for they can avail Blizzard Treat in any flavor and size and get a second in equal size for just 99 cents. The second festival-inspired treat on the DQ’s menu is the velvety thick and delicious mint shake, containing cool creme de menthe hand-blended with creamy DQ vanilla ice cream with whipped cream on the top. Sounds so delicious, doesn’t it?
  • Dunkin’ DonutsDressing up for the festival is fun but gorging on the festival special menu is whole another level. Usher in St. Patrick’s Day with Dunkin’ Donut’s Green Matcha Lattes along with “Snacking Bacon”. The famous chain would be offering three new Matcha beverages: Matcha Lattes, Iced Matcha Lattes and also Matcha Coolatttas. The Snacking Bacon would be available in Sweet Black Pepper flavor.
  • McDonald’sThe onset of St. Patrick’s Day festive season is literally incomplete without the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. The rich minty and green shake is one of the best-selling shakes and will be available at the counters till 24th March.

Some Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day That Will Make You Go Whaaa..!

St. Patrick Wasn’t Irish-

Albeit St. Patrick was the first one to introduce Ireland to Christianity in the year 432, but he wasn’t Irish by origin. Born in the 4th Century in Scotland or Wales, St. Patrick is a Romanian. 

St. Patrick’s Day Used To Be A Dry Holiday-

Being a national holiday in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day was considered to be a more solemn and strictly religious occasion. All the bars and pubs used to remain shut until the 1970’s. Paradoxically, now this Irish festival is famous for the Irish whiskeys and green beers.

New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Took Place In 1762 For The First Time-

Known to be as one of the world’s largest parades, New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been happening since 1762. Around 250,000 marchers have walked the streets of 5th Avenue but the use of floats, cars or other modern trappings is still forbidden during the procession.

Chicago Floats Green For St. Patrick’s Day-

With New York organizing the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade, Chicago doesn’t like to stay far behind. In an order to revel the Irish festival, the city has been flinging out green dye into the Chicago River since 1962. Though the exact formula is still not known by the many, we do know that apparently an orange powder is being dispersed into the river by the local plumbing union via flour sifters.

Why Shamrocks Hold A Special Place?

The three-leafed plant was apparently used by the saint as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he was introducing the concept of Christianity to the people of Ireland.

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