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By Srishti Bhardwaj - Content Specialist May 18 2020 Share this blog

Amidst the pandemic, self-quarantining can get pretty boring with your home starting to feel dullsville. But, the luminary of streaming services, Netflix, is here to rescue you with its stream of Netflix coupons. Make their house-arrest enthralling with Netflix 30 days free trial

Top Netflix Coupons, Promo Codes And Deals

Netflix Coupons/Promo Codes



Free trial

For 30 days

For new users


1 year free subscription

Valid till 05.31.20

Netflix plan for $8.99

Single screen

All users can avail


Stream Netflix at $1

Valid for 12 months

$25 onwards

Netflix gift cards

No expiration

2 screens at $12.99

Netflix Standard Plan

Valid for 6 days

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Exclusive Netflix April Coupons, Promo Codes And Deals

Netflix gives an honest-to-goodness run for its money in terms of selection, quality and performance consistency. We have curated a list of all active Netflix April coupons promo codes and deals that will help you save big and will slip right into your budget. You can thank us later!

Avail 30 Days Free Trial

Here’s a blow-by-blow description of all the plans offered by Netflix that will help you stream unlimited movies from the comfort of your home. Take a glance at the below-mentioned coupon details for more information.

  • In order to start 30 days of free trial, create an account on Netflix.
  • Following are the available plans:
    Single screen Basic plan
    Available at $8.99/per month
    HD content Standard plan
    Available at $12.99/per month
    Ultra HD+ 4 screen Premium plan
    Available at 15.99/per month
  • Avail the following additional benefit:
    • Avail free screen for kids with every plan
  • Accepted modes of payment: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, gift cards, net banking

 Users can cancel the subscription anytime. 3 days prior notification will be sent on the user's mail regarding plan renewal.

Netflix Subscription: $8.99 Per Month

Social distancing is not that bad, for now, Netflix as much as you want. Now you can subscribe to Netflix for a minimal cost of $8.99 per month. Read the terms and conditions given below to learn more about the coupon.

  • The deal can be availed by both new and old users.
  • Inclusions of the Basic plan are:
    • Free kids screen
    • Pre-HD resolution
    • Single screen
  • Log in to Netflix website or app to avail of the deal.
  • Following is the additional benefit:
    • New users can get a free 1-month trial subscription
    • Watch Netflix on your laptops, tablets, mobile app
  • Payment modes accepted: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, net banking

netflix promo codes

Get the Ultra HD Plan For $15.99/Month

If you want to keep current with the latest TV shows and movies and that too in high definition then here’s a piece of good news for you. Avail the Ultra HD Netflix subscription plan for just $15.99/month. Keep on reading to know more.

  • The deal is applicable to the Premium plan and the inclusions are:
    • Four screens along with Ultra HD resolution
    • Watch unlimited TV and movies shows
    • Avail kids screen for free
  • Log in using your email address to watch Netflix shows on the website or an app.
  • All the shows and movies can be downloaded for free.
  • Payment mode: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Netflix gift codes

New users can avail of the 1-month free subscription with any Netflix plans.

Avail Netflix DVD Plan | Starting At $7.99

If you want to watch more than just feature films and TV series, then this deal will prove to be a lifesaver. Now you can subscribe to the Netflix DVD plan for just $7.99. For the nitty-gritty of the deal, take a look below.

  • The deal stands applicable to the Standard DVD plan available at $7.99/per month.
  • Inclusions of the plan are:
    • Only 1 DVD at a time can be availed
    • No late fees
    • Avail free shipping & returns
    • Get free Blu-ray Disc Format
  • New users can get a free one month trial.
  • The deal cannot be used in conjunction with other Netflix DVD plans.
  • All payment modes accepted: Credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Get Free Trial For DVD Services

Netflix is known for its niche content and it is this content that keeps you hooked to the service long after you have binge-watched all the shows. Now cinephiles can also avail free Netflix trial for DVD services.

  • The deal stands valid for new members only.
  • In order to start a 1-month free trial sign-up to DVD.com.
  • Choices of plans available:
    Standard Plan
    Available at $7.99/per month
    Premier Plan
    Available at $4.99/per month
  • Subscribers can get free shipping on all DVDs.
  • Add payment mode to the account: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, gift cards, net banking.

Users can cancel the subscription anytime. 3 days prior notification will be sent on the user's mail regarding plan renewal.

netflix discount coupons

Most Watched Original Netflix Movies

Here are some of the best original films that Netflix has funded to date. Use the above-mentioned coupon codes to subscribe to Netflix and escape all the Coronavirus news!

Beasts Of No Nation (2015)

Drama, War | IMDb: 7.8 | RT: 91%

Beasts of No Nation is the impressive yet heart-rending tale of a young West African boy whose life is torn apart by war and forced to join a rebel faction to survive.

Mudbound (2017)

Drama | IMDb: 7.5 | RT: 97%

Mudbound is a critically acclaimed historical drama set in Mississippi during World War II that follows two families who not only share farmland but also all the social and economic struggles of the time. It’s a moving tale that speaks to the human heart and sheds light and wisdom on many of our own modern struggles.

Okja (2017)

Adventure, Drama | IMDb: 7.4 | RT: 86%

Okja is a South Korean film that follows a rural young girl, her budding friendship with a strange new animal, and the lengths she’s willing to go to in order to save that animal’s life when it’s threatened.

The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016)

Comedy, Drama | IMDb: 7.3 | RT: 77%

The Fundamentals of Caring is the story of a cynical boy with muscular dystrophy who drives away all his caretakers, until one day he meets his match. This heartwarming buddy comedy film is more than just laughs and drama — it’s an exploration of what it means.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (2017)

Comedy, Suspense | IMDb: 7.0 | RT: 89%

Despite its genre labels, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore sits in a class of its own. When a depressed nursing assistant returns from work one day to find her home burglarized and is brushed aside by the police, she decides to take matters of justice into her own hands

5 Comforting TV Shows to Watch During the Pandemic

Schitt’s Creek

netflix couponCurrently airing its sixth and final season, this lovely comedy from a real-life father-and-son team has been steadily gaining a cult following over the years. The show takes a couple of seasons to settle into itself, so if you’re new to town, consider starting at Season 2 and going back to the opening episodes once you’ve fallen in love with the Rose family and their new neighbors.

Gilmore Girls

netflix codes

The fast-talking, caffeine-downing, mother-and-daughter BFFs returned in 2016 for a revival but the original seven seasons are utterly charming and full of autumnal foliage.

The Good Place

netflix promo codes

Kristen Bell plays a recently-deceased “medium person” who is accidentally sent to “the good place,” which is supposed to be reserved for only the saintliest of people. In the Good Place, there is an unlimited supply of frozen yogurt, everyone is partnered with his or her soul mate and you can’t curse. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

netflix dealsIn this silly and wonderful police comedy, Andy Samberg plays a man-child detective in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. A core of generosity and kindness in the show’s antics makes the characters and relationships feel real and even grown-up.

The Great British Baking Show

netflix codesSeeing the celebrity chef and octogenarian Mary Berry discuss a cake’s “soggy bottom” is a beautiful thing. This show follows the basic TV-contest format, with cheeky hosts and judges who have extremely high standards. But the show is unusually gentle and kind, and extremely British. 

netflix deals

‘Coronavirus Explained’- A Docu-Series Devoted to the Current Pandemic

IMDb rating: 7.7

The Vox-produced series tries to make sense of where the virus came from, why the world wasn’t prepared for this pandemic, and how the human race is quickly mobilizing to defeat the virus, just like it has for the serious illnesses that came before it.

The first episode, entitled “This Pandemic,” interviews various infectious disease experts and epidemiologists about where the next pandemic might come from and why the planet isn’t ready for it. They even spoke to Bill Gates, who, through his Gates Foundation work, has become one of the most famous voices warning governments about the inevitability of a pandemic and the fact that we’re not ready for it.

Four reasons to watch Coronavirus, Explained:

  • Most of us still haven’t grappled with the seriousness of the outbreak and despite the continued lockdowns, we still see ignorance around us. People who are still not abiding by the recommended precautions and putting themselves (and others) in dangers should definitely watch the series.

  • For anyone looking for information on the virus for their own knowledge, or for research on a project or report, Coronavirus, Explained puts all the information known thus far in one place pretty well.

  • The episode also takes us back to philanthropist Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation (WHO) warning the world about the world's preparedness for a pandemic exactly like this, before COVID-19's outbreak.

  • A really great take-away from this episode was from an interview of Bill Gates, where he talks about how every country prepares for war and invests so much in their military, but there is no bigger war than a pandemic that threatens the existence of all humans on the planets. He stresses the importance of investing in medical research for every country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Netflix coupon code?

Step 1: Open Couponhp.com and look for the Netflix store.
Step 2: Scroll through the various Netflix coupons and promo codes. Click on the most suitable coupon or coupon code.
Step 3: You will be redirected to Netflix’s website where you can purchase the plans. But read the relevant information on Couponhp page first.
Step 4: At Netflix, view the plans and review the costs.
Step 5: Once you’re done choosing the plan, proceed to checkout. If you have a promo code, enter it to get the discount, if you had chosen a deal, your order will automatically reflect the discount.

Where to enter Netflix coupon?

If you have a promo code, go to netflix.com/redeem and enter the code to get started. If you're new to Netflix, you'll be prompted to create a new Netflix account under the Create A New Account tab. If you're an existing Netflix customer but not signed in to your account, you'll be prompted to sign in under the Already A Member? tab.

How to get a discount on Netflix?

Follow the below mentioned elementary steps to avail a discount on Netflix:

  • Log in to the Couponhp website.

  • Search for the Netflix store.

  • Look for the coupons and promo codes you want to avail from the store.

  • Read all the information for the selected coupon.

  • Click on the “Get Code” or “Get Deal” button on the website

  • If there is a code you need to copy, just copy it and apply it at the time of checkout.

  • In case, the coupon does not have any Netflix promo code, simply choose the plan you wish to buy and the discount will automatically apply.

  • Select the mode of payment and proceed to order.

  • Congratulations! Your purchase has been made and your plan will be activated shortly.

Netflix houses ample enticing movies, TV shows, and popular Netflix originals for its viewers. Be a savior and rescue your friends and family from the monotonous vibes of quarantine via Netflix gift cards. To keep a tab on upcoming Netflix promo codes and deals, subscribe to Couponhp.com and never miss any update. Till then, Happy Streaming!